Xpressionz Carnival Band Green Policy

Saint Lucia’s biodiversity is under threat. Climate change poses a critical threat to its natural resources through more frequent and severe weather conditions, rising sea levels and changes in sea temperature which have already begun to impact the quality of human and animal life. As a small island developing state (SIDS), Saint Lucia lacks the capacity to demonstrate climate resilience in order to mitigate these harmful impacts.

Yet the biggest obstacle in this fight is the lack of knowledge which fuels a marked nonchalance of the wider Saint Lucian public to deal with climate change with the urgency it deserves.

On island, there are many organizations that are devoted to this cause and work tirelessly to promote this awareness through their various work programmes. As the impacts of climate change are far reaching, an new approach must be taken in order to deal with the attitudes and perceptions held on island which help to diminish the island’s ability to face environmental vulnerabilities.

As such, the Xpressionz Carnival Band recognises that Carnival as a cultural art form can be used as a vehicle to create awareness of these integral environmental themes and to promote climate sensitive changes. This is integral as carnival produces much wastage.

To promote environmental sustainability, the Band will integrate these business practises into its operations:

  • 1. Waste minimisation at all Band Events and Activities;
  • 2. Recycling and Upcycling of costumes.

To promote environmental awareness, the Band will integrate these practises into its operations:

  • 1. Promote and support local organisations who conduct conservation efforts;
  • 2. Work towards becoming 100% green Carnival Band by 2028. 

Social responsibility is integral in this fight against lack of ignorance and environmental sensitivity. Xpressionz Carnival Band hopes to inculcate this shared sense of ownership of our natural resources in its revelers and the wider viewing audience.

We recognise that we have a responsibility to the environment to meet legislative and regulatory requirements.

We will also ensure that this policy and its procedures are understood and practise by all persons involved in the Band.