Advo’ Mas, short for Advocacy Mas, is a new initiative created by Xpressionz Carnival Band for Saint Lucia Carnival, commencing 2023. It is inspired by our Ol’ Mas, which uses carnival as a medium to connect people and to sensitize the public on socio-political and cultural issues. Advo’ Mas is meant to showcase the contributions of our sponsors whose work is the foundation of our advocacy, whilst creating additional spectacle in the Tuesday last lap celebration of Saint Lucia.

Understanding that climate change poses great challenges to our natural environment, human ignorance to these dangers remains our biggest obstacle in this quest to mitigate its impacts. So we want to draw attention to these perils using our themed portrayal. Therefore, we begin our inaugural Advo’ Mas, invoking environmental conservation.

Here’s how it works!
For Carnival Day 2, you will be given an Advo’ Mas package that you must incorporate into your Tuesday Wear. These will consist of various paraphernalia that speak to a critical conservation theme, for example, “Plant trees”, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse.”

You see, it is always worthwhile to use our voice to advocate. Nature conservation is important to us and we hope you find it important too.

Stand in solidarity with us for Carnival 2023!